Legnano Tecnocity


COWO® Coworking Space always open 24/7/365 in Legnano. You can find workstations, full privacy private office, meeting and education room. Free car park. 

Call now: 345/46.18.944 

Cell/WhatsApp: 345/46.18.944

INFO • Open 24/7/365 • Private offices • Meeting and Education room

COMMUNITY • Professional community of various backgrounds: entrepreneurs, managers, consultants. Coworking Manager: Andrea Raineri

NETWORK • The COWO® Coworking Space Legnano Tecnocity is part of the Rete COWO® Coworking Network. The project, founded in 2008, aggregates over 100 spaces and a professional community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent workers.