Coworking Vicenza

All Coworking services for you, at Toni Brunello’s Vicenza space


The COWO® Coworking Vicenza SCV is located near the city center, in a residential neighborhood with several services available. The area dedicated to Coworking is of 900 mq on two floors, organized with private offices, shared offices and shared desk for a total of 50 workstations plus a meeting room of 40 mq. The Coworking spaces are all accessible 24/7 all the days of the year. 

Call now: + 39 335/6242713 

Cell/WhatsApp: +39 0444/512733

INFO • Open 24/7/365 • Reception • Offices • Offices for teams • Shared desks • Meeting room • Parking spaces in the courtyard

COMMUNITY • Professionals from every background, Coworking Manager: Antonio Brunello.

NETWORK • The Coworking Space in Vicenza – Studio Centro Veneto is part of the Rete COWO® Coworking Network. The project, founded in 2008, aggregates over 100 spaces and a professional community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent workers.