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Why Coworking Advisor?

We at the Cowo® Network believe that the Coworking option is the best choice for every professional, company or organization, no matter the industry.

The Network was founded in 2008 and has, ever since, developed a consistent experience and know-how in launching, developing and nurturing Coworking community of professionals.

Coworking Advisor - Coworking Space in Milano Italy

Actually, over 100 Coworking spaces are part of the Network, and most of them have been active and growing for several years, often as true pioneers within their local communities.

The idea behind Coworking-Advisor.com is to offer complete information and quick-contact (phone, Whatsapp message, email) opportunity to anyone interested in finding a Coworking space within a specific area.

At the same, Coworking-Advisor.com gives the community the possibility of reviewing the spaces directly on the platform, and listing new ones by joining to the Cowo® Network.

About the Coworking Spaces in Coworking Advisor.com

Coworking Space in Milan Italy

The spaces listed in Coworking-Advisor.com are part of the Cowo® Network.

All of them have agreed to meet the collaborative attitude and qualitative standards described in the 10 points of the Cowo® Manifesto – What is Coworking for us.

We all believe in the power of sharing working experiences, more than the mere professional space.

We care about the people in the spaces, whom we don’t consider “customers” but professionals working close to us.

Coworking Space of the Cowo Network in Milano Italy

In the Cowo® Network the Coworking spaces an be very different: it is a common trait of the organizations in our organization to mantain a dual level of activity: on one side a “regular” profession – which can be a consultancy, an industrial plant, a legal office, whatever – on the other side a Coworking space.

In this way the single coworker and the whole Coworking community have the chance to get in touch with a real, fully active working environment, and can benefit from immediate networking and knowledge sharing.
On the other hand, the organizations offering the space are not necessarily bound to a business plan, inasmuch they can sustain the Coworking space with their main activity, an approach that makes the difference, especially in the first years.

On our opinion, this is a very feasible way to start and develop a Coworking community and space.

It’s also the way the Cowo® Network has grown to a significant number of affiliates, over 100 in Italy and Switzerland, with a significant experience in Spain.

What is the Cowo® Network?

The Cowo® Network is an aggregation of Coworking Spaces who share attitude, branding, tools and knowledge.

Founders of the Network are active in the Coworking ecosystem since the opening of their Coworking space – the first one ever opened in Italy – in 2008.

The Coworking community now active within the spaces of the Cowo® Network is composed of about 5,000 professionals, while the spaces are more than 100, in Italy and Switzerland.

The headquarter of Cowo® is in the original “master” Cowo® space, in Milan, Italy.

More about the Cowo® Network and the taxonomy of Coworking Spaces

The Cowo® Network started its activity in April 2008, and has progressively become one of the main players of the Eropean Coworking market. become one of the main players of the European Coworking market.

In this decade, things have evolved in many ways.

One of the most important ways the Coworking scenario has evolved in, is what we call “Vertical Coworking”, referring to spaces with a specific professional vocation/orientation/attitude.

Coworking Laboratory

This is why, in mid-2017, after many years of involvement in the Coworking ecosystem, Cowo® has developed and published a set of web platforms specifically dedicated to professionally-focused Coworking Spaces.

This taxonomy of Coworking can be seen at work, for example, in the platforms CoworkingFreelance.itCoworkingDigital.itCoworkingMusicAndVideo.it.

Other platforms still aggregate specific types of Coworking spaces, but with different, non-professional criteria (see for instance BedAndBreakfastAndCoworking.it).

This classification work has been carried out by the Cowo® Network over the years and is still in full evolution, with the collaboration of all professionals attending the spaces, who contribute by leaving their reviews and preferences.

Contact, press and information

Massimo Carraro, Laura Coppola

COWO® NETWORK @ Monkey Business srl
Via Ventura 3 – 20134 Milano – Italy
(0039)02-2151581 – max@cowo.it

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