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Bologna City Center – QuattordiciA

COWORKING SPACE IN BOLOGNA • Charming workspace in a quiet part of the city of Bologna, with nice garden. Very comforteble premises to work in, in the cozy offices and desks.

Coworking Roma Pisana

COWORKING ROMA PISANA • Shared desks and education room available. Coworking easily reachable by car and bus.

Milano Melchiorre Gioia

COWORKING MILANO MELCHIORRE GIOIA • Coworking near Stazione Centrale FS. It offers workstations, offices of various sizes, meeting and training rooms.

Coworking Grosseto – Senza Pensieri Scuola Nautica

COWO® SPACE GROSSETO SP – Open 24/7/365, it offers workstations, meeting room and classroom. Free car parking.

Coworking Milano Loreto – Viale Andrea Doria 33

COWORKING CLOSE TO MILAN CITY CENTER • Coworking in a very central area, easily reachable by public transport. Shared desks available with all services.

Napoli Nuova Poggioreale – StartCoworking

COWO® SPACE NAPOLI • Coworking space with workstations, private offices, meeting rooms. Easily reachable both by car and public transport.

Oderzo Attiko

COWO® SPACE ODERZO – Coworking with workstations, offices and meeting/training room as well as welcoming and well-equipped shared spaces. Free parking.

Milano Bicocca Bicowo

COWO® SPACE MILANO BICOCCA BICOWO – Coworking located in the university district of Bicocca. Over 400 square meters with private offices, meeting rooms and equipped workstations.

Milano Cadorna Bicowo

COWO® SPACE MILANO CADORNA BICOWO – In the city center of Milan, open 24/7, it offers workstations, private offices, meeting rooms and relax area.

Como Lipomo

COWO® SPACE COMO LIPOMO – Large Coworking space in Lipomo, near Como. It offers workstations, private offices, meeting and relax rooms. Free car parking.

Legnano Tecnocity

COWO® SPACE LEGNANO TECNOCITY – Open 24/7/365, offers workstations, private offices, meeting and education rooms. Free car parking.

Milan Prato Centenaro

At the COWO® Coworking Space in Via Val Maira 4 in Milano – Bicocca (close to metro line M5) you can find all Coworking and shared-office services. Very well equipped with shared desks, private rooms, meeting facilities.

Porte di Mestre

COWO® SPACE PORTE DI MESTRE – Located near Mestre, this Coworking offers well equipped offices in a brand new spaces.

Genoa – Sampierdarena

COWO® SPACE ON 7TH FLOOR – Well equipped Coworking space in a fine setting. Located in Sampierdarena area, it features desks, workstations, private offices, meeting room.

Biassono – Monza

FULLY EQUIPPED COMPANY-ORIENTED COWORKING SPACE IN BIASSONO (MONZA) • Open 24/7, availability of all Coworking services: workstations, private offices, meeting rooms. Free car parking.

Rome – City Center – Termini Train Station

COWORKING SPACE IN ROMA CENTRO • Workstations, private offices, meeting rooms in a very centrale and easily reachable area.

Pomezia – Just In Team

COWORKING SPACE IN POMEZIA • Availability of all Coworking services, on 900 square meters: workstations, private offices, meeting rooms. Free car parking.

Milano Sud – Trezzano Sul Naviglio

COWORKING SPACE SOUTH OF MILAN • Availability of 1850 sqm, 40 offices, 8 meeting rooms. Always open 24/7/365. Ultra-high speed Internet connection. Free car parking.

Treviso Sud – Dosson (Z.I. Casier)

COMPLETELY NEW COWORKING SPACE SOUTH OF TREVISO • All services available, outside garden, private parking.

Varese – Opificio 42

CHARMING AND FULL-SERVICED 500 SQM. COWORKING SPACE IN VARESE • Open 24/7/365, it offers all solutions of flexible workspace, private offices, meeting rooms.

Coworking Como Centro

COWORKING COMO CENTRO • Coworking Space in the city center, with different kind of desks, offices, meeting room and relax area. Easily reachable both by car and public transport.

Coworking Mirandola

COWORKING MIRANDOLA (MODENA) • Brand new Coworking Space in the city center, with different kind of desks and a meeting room.

Coworking Seregno @ Gli Infissi

COWORKING SEREGNO (MONZA BRIANZA) • Coworking Space easily reachable both by public transport and by private car.

Ossola Coworking

OSSOLA COWORKING • Coworking located in a central area, open 24h and easily reachable both by public transport and by private car.

Padel Coworking Torino @ PalaVillage Grugliasco

PADELCOWORKING TORINO • Large Coworking located located within the brand new Palavillage, easly reachable both by public transport and by private car.

Verona City Center @ Mezzanine

COWORKING IN VERONA CITY CENTER @ MEZZANINE • Coworking located in an historical building in the city center of Verona, at walking distance from several services. Shared desks and independent offices available.

Vicenza Studio Centro Veneto Int’l Coworking Antenna

COWORKING IN VICENZA • Large Coworking space with private offices, shared offices and shared desks in the city center of Vicenza, open 24/7 all days of the year. Easily reachable both by car and public transport.

Coworking Torino Workey Mirafiori Sud / Drosso

COWORKING SPACE IN TORINO MIRAFIORI SUD / DROSSO • Large Cowo® with individual workstations, offices of different sizes, meeting room and training room.

Coworking Padova Centro Palazzo Cavalli

COWORKING SPACE IN PADUA CITY CENTER • Cowo® with private offices close to the city center easily reachable bot by car and with bicycle or by foot.

Coworking Roma Aurelia – Gravity Center

COWORKING SPACE IN ROME AURELIA • Cowo® located in the Massimina / Casal Lumbroso area, with workstations, private offices, meeting and training rooms.

Bologna – Central Train Station Area

COWORKING SPACE NEAR BOLOGNA STATION • Cowo® with private offices close to the train station and easily reachable both by car and with public transport.

Somma Lombardo – Varese

COWORKING SPACE IN Somma Lombardo – VARESE • Coworking space with private offices all with independent entrance. A meeting room, a reception and private parking spaces complete the offer.

Cassino – Smart And Green

COWORKING SPACE IN CASSINO • Coworking space in the city center, easily reachable with public transport.

Milan – Porta Vittoria Area – Studio 4 Boutique

COWORKING SPACE IN MILAN, PORTA VITTORIA AREA • Coworking space open 24/7 very close to the city center, with more than 30 workstations and 600 sqm available.

Milan – Piazza Novelli Area – Studio 4

COWORKING + OFFICE SPACE IN MILANO PIAZZA NOVELLI • High-quality professional shared space, extremely well equipped and funished. Easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Milan – Via Eustachi Area – Studio 4

COWORKING SPACE IN MILAN • 200 sqm coworking space with wide variety of services, and very personal touch. Excellent design-oriented premises, perfect for meetings, courses, events and private interviews.

Rome Eur – Via Groenlandia

COWORKING SPACE IN ROME, EUR • Coworking space located in an historical villa surrounded by a large garden. Parking for both cars and bicycles available.

Parabiago – North West Milan

COWORKING SPACE PARABIAGO • Cowo® Parabiago offers desks, meeting rooms and relax area in a very well-organized spaces.

Milan – Crescenzago Palmanova Area

COWORKING SPACE MILANO CRESCENZAGO-PALMANOVA • In via Palmanova, near the metro station Crescenzago; Cowo® Crescenzago-Palmanova offers desks, private offices, meeting and training rooms.

Calco Merate – Lecco Area

COWORKING SPACE IN CALCO MERATE • Near the train and bus station, Cowo® Calco Merate offers desks as well as an Open Space suitable for events or meetings. Private parking available.

Vanzago Rho Metapower – Northwest Of Milan

COWORKING SPACE NORTHWEST OF MILAN, IN VANZAGO • Only 5 kms away from the Autostrada, and well connected to downtown Milan by means of the Passante S5 train. New premises, very comfortable and functional.

Bergamo – Alzano Lombardo – Palawork

BRAND NEW 500 SQM. COWORKING SPACE IN ALZANO LOMBARDO (BERGAMO AREA) • Only 9 kms away from the city center and the Orio al Serio airport, it offers all Coworking services, from hot desking to private offices to 30 people meeting rooms.

Bologna Via Guelfa – San Vitale Area

BOLOGNA COWORKING SPACE IN SAN VITALE AREA • Provided with private offices, workstations and meeting rooms. Professional community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Rovigo Coworking – Industrial Area

COWORKING SPACE IN ROVIGO (INDUSTRIAL AREA) • Located 2 kilometers south of Rovigo city center, it offers a wide variety of services, including event space and training rooms for 24 people. Free parking. comfortable workstations and private offices.

Crotone – Train Station Area

COWORKING SPACE IN CROTONE, ON THE IONIAN COAST • Located near the train and bus station, Cowo® Crotone offers private offices as well as desks and meeting rooms. Private parking available.

Milan – Corso Buenos Aires Area

COWORKING IN MILAN • Design-oriented Coworking space, with wide open space, comfortable workstatioons, meeting room. Conveniently located near the MM1 metro stations “Lima” and “Porta Venezia”.

East Milan – Lambrate Station

COWORKING IN MILAN • Coworking Space in a renovated building of the “Old Lambrate” neighbourhood. Very convenient to reach, thanks to the Metropolitana green line no. 2 “Lambrate” stop.

Alba – Hub 48 Coworking

LARGE COWORKING SPACE IN ALBA (CUNEO) • With brand new location, set-up and furniture. It offers a wide variety of Coworking services. Large training room and event spaces available.

Rome – Casalpalocco Area

COWO® COWORKING SPACE IN ROME CASALPALOCCO – OSTIA LIDO AREA • Conveniently located near the Via del Mare/Via Cristoforo Colombo area, with independent offices, workstations, meeting-rooms and training-rooms. Free parking in front of the Coworking space.

East Milan – Argonne Illirico Area

ENJOY THE COWORKING FACILITIES OF THIS COWO® SPACE WITH DESKS, OFFICES AND EVENT AREA – Wide space with offices and workstations, conveniently located in the eastern part of Milan, Ortica area. Possibility of babycare; events up to 100 people.

Milano Viale Sarca – Bicocca 16

Coworking Cowo Bicocca 16 is large and offers a wide range of services: from workstations to offices and event / temporary store space. Fully renovated rooms, with the possibility of customization. Easily accessible by underground (line 5 Lille, stop “Bignami”).

North Milano – Cinisello Cofò

Coworking Space conveniently located near the Milan University of Bicocca in a prestigious location inside the park of 18th century Villa. The shared office is comfortable and cosy. Possibility of Catering Service.

Trieste – City Center

Charming location in Trieste City Center. The Coworking Space is located in a historical palazzo, where offices have been completely renovated. All Coworking services available.

Verona – Villa Modena

Coworking Space in ancient villa, totally renewed with modern approach and design interiors. State-of-the-art technology in Meeting- and Training- Rooms. Outdoor events. Free car parking.

North Turin – Torino Coworking Center

1,400 sqm Coworking Space in a completely renovated, historical building. Very convenient to reach, both by car and tram, straight from city center and Porta Nuova or Porta Susa railway stations. Theater for 50 people available, as well as desks, private offices, meeting rooms.

North Grosseto

Very well organized Coworking Space, conveniently located 2 kms north of Grosseto city center, in the Industrial sector of town. It offers Desks as well as Private Offices, Meeting- and Training-Rooms. Free parking.

East Milan – Sesto San Giovanni

COWO® COWORKING SPACE IN SESTO SAN GIOVANNI (EAST MILAN) • Right outside the “Tangenziale Est” motorway (“Cologno Sud” exit), all Coworking services availbale, including training room for 40 people. Free parking.

Treviglio – Bergamo Area

Very comfortable and design-oriented Coworking Space in Treviglio, between Milan and Bergamo. Options with 24/7 access.

South Milan – Ripamonti

Extensive Coworking Space in south Milan, in the area of Viale Toscana, Via Bazzi, Via Ripamonti, with over 500 square meters of professional space. Open 24 / 7 / 365.

Naples City Center – Re.Work

COWO® COWORKING SPACE IN NAPLES • Located very close to the Napoli Centrale train station, in the “Centro Direzionale”. It offers different solutions of workstations, independent offices, training- meeting- rooms.

Mendrisio Stabio – Canton Ticino

COWO® COWORKING SPACE IN MENDRISIO STABIO (CANTON TICINO – SWITZERLAND) • Located in a convenient and strategic position, just 12 kms from the Italian border and 20 kms south of Lugano, it offers all kind of solutions for companies.

East Milan – Forlanini/Corsica/Argonne

COWO® COWORKING SPACE LOCATED IN THE EAST SIDE OF MILANO: Not far from the Airport Linate-Forlanini, nor from the city Center, the Cowo® Coworking Space offers different solutions as workstations, office, training- and meeting-room. Cultural events.

Novara – City Center

COWO® COWORKING SPACE WITH WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES • Located in the heart of Novara, it offers workstations, offices of various dimensions, meeting room, shared desks.

Lugano Lamone – Canton Ticino

COWORKING SPACE IN LUGANO, CONVENIENTLY LOCATED in the industrial district of Lamone • Very close to the local train stations, it offers a wide variety of Coworking services. Large training room available.

Milan – City Center – Duomo Area – Cowocheconta

COWORKING SPACE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN THE HEART OF MILAN @ DUOMO SQUARE • Very well connected both to the Milan city zone and the outside areas, this Coworking space offers ideal solutions to all professionals and companies who need a central space, with all services available.

Milan – Bicocca Area

COWORKING SPACE IN MILAN, BICOCCA AREA • Very large and well equipped Coworking space in the Bicocca area, near the “Ca Grand” metro line stop. Storage space available, besides offices of all kinds and large meeting room.

Legnano – Legnanocoworking

COWORKING COWO® IN LEGNANO • Very conveniently located, with private car parking, offers all kind of Coworking and shared office services. Large spaces available for events and showroom use.

Milan – Bocconi Area – Elabora

COWORKING SPACE @ SPAZIO ELABORA – Comfortable and well equipped Coworking Space, with kitchen, relax area with couches. Professinal services include meeting and training room. In-house food delivery available.

Milan – Central Station – LMARCH

COWORKING SPACE VERY CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN FRONT OF MAIN TRAIN STATION @ LMARCH • In historical residential building, a very cozy Coworking space, with meeting rooms, shared offices and terrace to work in during the warm season.

Milan – Lambrate Design District – Cowo Headquarter

COWORKING IN MILANO LAMBRATE @ COWO NETWORK HEADQUARTERS • Open since 2008, this Coworking space is home to a large community of professionals. Conveniently located in the heart of the Ventura Lambrate design district.

Milan – Corvetto Area – LASCIALASCIA

LASCIALASCIA COWORKING AND CRAFTING SPACE • Active in design and project management community, very lively and friendly.

Novate Milanese – Expo Area

COWORKING SPACE IN NORTH MILAN • Large Coworking space with big room facilities, ideal for events, training courses, events. Availibility of offices and workstations as well.

Saronno – Varese – Raineri

COWORKING SPACE IN SARONNO @ STUDIO RAINERI ANDREA • Conveniently located near the center of Saronno and close to the Ferrovie Nord train station, offers all Coworking services.

Turin – Bliss Corporation

COWORKING SPACE IN TURIN @ BLISS CORPORATION – Office shared with wide variety of services, located in Strade Basse di Dora 42 and well connected by public transportation.

Genoa – City Center – De Ferrari

COWORKING SPACE IN CENTRAL GENOA • Coworking community active since 2009 in the heart of Genoa. Beautiful views from the 14th floor windows. Workstations, offices, meeting rooms available.

Mestre – Venice

COWORKING SPACE IN MESTRE (VENICE AREA) • Very large and versatile Coworking space, with all kind of shared office services.

Zoppola – Pordenone Area – Dandco

COWORKING IN ZOPPOLA, PORDENONE AREA D&CO – Large Coworking space conveniently situated just outside Pordenone. All Coworking services available.

Bologna City Center – Giardini Margherita Area

COWORKING SPACE IN BOLOGNA, IN THE GIARDINI MARGHERITA AREA – In the heart of Bologna, a beautiful green area with Coworking facilities at this space.

Parma – Pontetaro Area – C-Lab

COWORKING SPACE IN PONTE TARO (PARMA) • Multifunctional space, extremely well designed and furnished • Availability of many different solutions for local professionals and nomad workers.

Siena City Center – Pluriversum

COWORKING IN SIENA CITY CENTER @ PLURIVERSUM • A Coworking Space conveniently located very close to the central Piazza del Campo, but outside the pedestrian-only area. Free car parking.

Arezzo – Confartigianato

COWORKING SPACE IN AREZZO, TUSCANY @ CONFARTIGIANATO • Meeting facilities, shared workspace, training and support programs for professionals and startup companies.

Urbino – Pesaro Urbino District – Synthesis Studio

COWORKING SPACE IN URBINO (PESARO – URBINO DISTRICT) @ STUDIO SYNTHESIS • COWO® space with a wide variety of services, for both companies and professionals.

Treviso Preganziol – Claim Agency

COWORKING SPACE IN PREGANZIOL (TREVISO AREA) @ CLAIM ADV – Coworking space in a villa with outdoor garden, very charming, ideally quiet.

Savona City Center – CO.SA

COWORKING SPACE IN THE CENTER OF SAVONA • Very convenient and comfortable Coworking space in the heart of Savona. Various solutions available for professionals, companies and nomad workers.

Venice Marghera – Vega – Uffici Creativi

COWORKING MARGHERA @ VEGA – Well equipped and well-lit Coworking Space at the 5th floor of the VEGA building. Near Mestre train station and with good connections by bus with the airport.

Cuneo – Ping Pensare In Granda

WIDE COWORKING SPACE IN CUNEO – Services in all range of activities, working spaces of all dimensions, offices, meeting and event available.

Udine – Bulfone Group

COWORKING SPACE @ BULFONE GROUP – In the heart of the city of Udine, a Coworking Space for every kind of professional, both freelancers or work teams.

Milan – Sempione Fieramilano City Area

COWORKING SPACE IN MILAN, FIERAMILANOCITY AREA • Shared space conveniently located in the center of Milan, near Fieramilano City.

Vado Ligure – Savona – Azzurra Service

COWORKING SPACE IN VADO LIGURE – SAVONA @ AZZURRA SERVICE • Very flexible and open Coworking community in sunny Vado Ligure, a few kilometers from Savona.

Sovico – Monza Brianza

COWORKING SPACE AND EVENT VENUE IN SOVICO (MONZA) • Versatile, large space in Sovico (Monza Brianza area), active since 2011 and center of a lively Coworking community. Shared office space and event venue.

South Grosseto @ Pianeta Alfa

COWORKING SPACE Grosseto SUD • Only 7 mins away from the train station and just outside the city center. It’s well connected with the Autostrada, which is 13 minutes away by car. New premises, very comfortable and functional.

Canton Ticino – Val Di Blenio – Exfabrica

COWORKING SPACE IN CANTON TICINO – VAL DI BLENIO – EXFABRICA – Availability of various options, among which cultural/art premises, events venue, classrooms. Wide premises, car parking, garden, accomodation solutions.

Bari – Faro Futuro – Fiera del Levante Area

COWO® COWORKING SPACE IN BARI • Conveniently located near the “Fiera del Levante” Expo Area, it offers all kinds of services, with top quality standards. Free parking, roof garden, Events and Conference.

Rozzano – South Of Milan – Zerouno

COWORKING SPACE AND SHARED OFFICE IN ROZZANO – High-quality, high-performance, high profile Coworking space, suitable for corporate use and professionals.