Faq – Frequently Asked Questions about Coworking Advisor

  • Who manages Coworking Advisor web platform?

    The platform is a project of RETE COWO® COWORKING NETWORK.

    Contents, moderation, maintenance are interely taken care of by the COWO® team.

  • Who decides which Coworking spaces are to be featured on the platform?

    All Coworking spaces published are part of the COWO® Network.

    Every COWO® Partner has the right to be featured on this platform.

  • How can I have my space featured on Coworking Advisor?

    To be featured on this platform you need to join the COWO® Network.

  • What are the requirements to join the COWO® Network?

    COWO® requires every space to engage in a Coworking project with attention to sustainability and  relationship, as stated in our COWO® Manifesto – What is Coworking for Us.

    Many spaces in the COWO® Network are companies, organizations, institutions with a main focus on their own industry/field, and open their spaces to a Coworking initiative within their main activity.

    COWO® expects all Coworking Spaces of the Network to have a collaborative attitude towards coworkers and the fellow COWO® spaces of the Network.

  • Is it possible to be featured on the platform by paying a fee?

    Every Coworking Space partner of the COWO® Network is featured on Coworking Advisor without having to pay any specific fee. There is no other way to be featured on the platform.

  • I’m interested in opening a Coworking space: can you help me?

    Sure we can! We have been doing this since 2008, with over 100 Coworking Spaces.

    Just let us know about your project, and we’ll give you our feedback about it.

  • I’m looking for a Coworking Space in my area: where can I see which spots are available?

  • How many COWO® Coworking Spaces are there? Where are they located?

    RETE COWO® COWORKING NETWORK aggregates over 100 Coworking Spaces.

    They are located in Italy and Switzerland.