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Do you want to open a Coworking space? Trust the people who brought Coworking to Italy.

Rete Cowo® opened the first Coworking space in Italy, in 2008. Since then, it has developed a Network of more than 100 spaces throughout the country.

The Rete Cowo® team is available to anyone who wishes to open a Coworking space.

Services offered at the Feasibility Study level for anyone considering activating a Coworking Space include:

  • Consultation with site survey
  • Consultation with virtual inspection (via video call)
  • Evaluation document
  • Business Plan over 3 years, with calculation of profit margins

Cowo® Network consulting allows you to get – quickly and with the reliability of those who have developed the first and most important national Coworking Network over 14 years of work in the sector – the most reliable answers to these questions:

  • How can I tell if the demand for shared Coworking space is there in my area?
  • What can be the profit margin of my eventual Coworking space?
  • Who can help me understand if my facility can become a successful Coworking space?
  • What are the best and most sustainable ways to approach this market?
  • Is there competent advice on how to set up the interior space?
  • Is there a reliable Coworking Business Plan that allows me to get an idea of how the Coworking business can evolve, economically speaking, over the years?

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