COSA COworking SAvona COWO®

In the historic center of Savona, Coworking space since 2014: what are you waiting for?


A very well equipped Coworking space, located in the heart of the city of Savona. Beaches and restaurants within walking distance, public transport very convenient. 

Call now: +39.019/80.86.53349/168.69.29 

Cell/WhatsApp: +39.348.30.59.053349/168.69.29

INFO • Equiped workstations • Shared big desks • Independent offices • Meeting room • Training classoroom

COMMUNITY • Group of professionnals from different backgrounds and fields; architects, entrepreneurs, software developers active in the community. Coworking Manager: Nicola Pisani

NETWORK • The COWO® Coworking Space in Savona city center is part of the Rete COWO® Coworking Network. The project, founded in 2008, aggregates over 100 spaces and a professional community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent workers.