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Coworking Verona Sud Fiera

COWORKING SPACE IN VERONA SUD FIERA • Coworking SPACE in the South of Verona, near the The Exhibition Centre, with workstation, offices and meeting room.

Mestre – Venice

COWORKING SPACE IN MESTRE (VENICE AREA) • Very large and versatile Coworking space, with all kind of shared office services.

Coworking Pietra Ligure Savona

COWORKING SPACE IN PIETRA LIGURE • Well equipped and comfortable Coworking space in Pietra Ligure. Services available as workstation, full privacy offices and meeting rooms.

Coworking Milano Rubattino Sbodio

COWORKING SPACE IN MILANO RUBATTINO • A very well equipped Coworking space in Milano Rubattino, close to Lambrate station. Easily reachable by public transport.

Coworking Castel San Giorgio Salerno

COWO® SPACE CLOSE TO SALERNO • Coworking space with workstations, private offices, meeting room and a relax area.

Coworking Agrate Brianza Centrifuga Lab

COWORKING SPACE IN AGRATE BRIANZA • Very well equipped coworking with workstations and a meeting room/training room.

Coworking Milan Paolo Sarpi @ Luminaria

COWORKING SPACE @ LUMINARIA - Close to Milan city center. Comfortable and well equipped Coworking Space, with relax area.

Coworking Milano Famagosta

COWORKING SPACE IN MILANO FAMAGOSTA • A functional and perfectly equipped space available, easily reachable (green line - Famagosta stop).

Coworking Torregrotta Messina

COWORKING SPACE IN TORREGROTTA MESSINA • Comfortable and well equipped Coworking space in Torregrotta (ME). Various solutions available for professionals, companies and nomad workers.

Coworking Cesana Brianza Lecco

COWORKING SPACE IN CESANA BRIANZA (LECCO) • Equipped coworking with workstations and a meeting room/training room/independent office with independent access from the street.