Coworking Sesto San Giovanni

Easy to reach, perfect for working: the Coworking space you’re looking for in Sesto S.Giovanni!


Coworking space affiliated to the Cowo® Network. Wide large meeting- and training- room (up to 40 people in the training set-up), availability of all coworking services. Free parking in front. Suitabnle for all kind of professional, freelancing and entrepreneurial activity. 

Call now: 348/33.12.602 

Cell/Whatsapp: 348/33.12.602

INFO • Shared spaces on two levels • Private offices • Shared desks • Individual workstations • Storage • Meeting room • Training room

COMMUNITY • Professional community with different professionals: consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startup companies. Coworking Manager: Barbara Caccialanza

NETWORK •The Coworking Space in Sesto San Giovanni is part of the Rete COWO® Coworking Network. The project, founded in 2008, aggregates over 100 spaces and a professional community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent workers.