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Coworking Peschiera Borromeo Officina Scrittoria

COWORKING SPACE IN PESCHIERA BORROMEO - Comfortable small open space with several workstations, easily reachable by public transport, bike and car.

Coworking Milan Castel Morrone

COWORKING MILAN CASTEL MORRONE • Coworking in a very central area, easily reachable by public transport. It offers severals desks, offices and a meeting room.

Coworking Milan Piranesi Collabo

COWORKING IN MILAN • Coworking space with comfortable workstations, meeting room, close to Porta Vittoria.

Coworking Milan Melchiorre Gioia

COWORKING MILANO MELCHIORRE GIOIA • Coworking near Stazione Centrale FS. It offers workstations, offices of various sizes, meeting and training rooms.

Coworking Milan Loreto

COWORKING CLOSE TO MILAN CITY CENTER • Coworking in a very central area, easily reachable by public transport. Shared desks available with all services.

Coworking Milan Bicocca Bicowo

COWO® SPACE MILANO BICOCCA BICOWO - Coworking located in the university district of Bicocca. Over 400 square meters with private offices, meeting rooms and equipped workstations.

Coworking Milan Cadorna Bicowo

COWO® SPACE MILANO CADORNA BICOWO - In the city center of Milan, open 24/7, it offers workstations, private offices, meeting rooms and relax area.

Coworking Milan Prato Centenaro

At the COWO® Coworking Space in Via Val Maira 4 in Milano – Bicocca (close to metro line M5) you can find all Coworking and shared-office services. Very well equipped with shared desks, private rooms, meeting facilities.

Coworking Milan Porta Vittoria

COWORKING SPACE IN MILAN, PORTA VITTORIA AREA • Coworking space open 24/7 very close to the city center, with more than 30 workstations and 600 sqm available.

Coworking Milan Piazza Novelli

COWORKING + OFFICE SPACE IN MILANO PIAZZA NOVELLI • High-quality professional shared space, extremely well equipped and funished. Easily accessible by car and public transportation.