Coworking Osnago Lecco @ Stereometrica

Welcome to the Coworking of Osnago Lecco @ Stereometrica, with large, flexible and pleasant spaces.


Large Coworking space in Osnago (Lecco) of 300 square meters, located in the city center. It offers severals independent offices, flexible workstations, a meeting room and a large training room that can be used even for few hours. 

Call now: 351/907.1930

Cell/WhatsApp: 328/418.8446333/405.8968

INFO • Workstations • Independent offices • Meeting room • Large training classroom • Event space

COMMUNITY • Professional Community of all backgrounds: entrepreneurs, consultants, manager and freelancers. Coworking Managers: Giorgio De Capitani e Tomas Colombo

NETWORK • The Coworking Space in Osnago (Lecco) is part of the Rete COWO® Coworking Network. The project, founded in 2008, aggregates over 100 spaces and a professional community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent workers.