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Coworking Verona Sud Fiera

COWORKING SPACE IN VERONA SUD FIERA • Coworking SPACE in the South of Verona, near the The Exhibition Centre, with workstation, offices and meeting room.

Coworking Pietra Ligure Savona

COWORKING SPACE IN PIETRA LIGURE • Well equipped and comfortable Coworking space in Pietra Ligure. Services available as workstation, full privacy offices and meeting rooms.

Coworking Agrate Brianza Centrifuga Lab

COWORKING SPACE IN AGRATE BRIANZA • Very well equipped coworking with workstations and a meeting room/training room.

Coworking Milano Rubattino Sbodio

COWORKING SPACE IN MILANO RUBATTINO • A very well equipped Coworking space in Milano Rubattino, close to Lambrate station. Easily reachable by public transport.

Coworking Castel San Giorgio Nocera Salerno

COWO® SPACE CLOSE TO SALERNO • Coworking space with workstations, private offices, meeting room and a relax area.

Coworking Milan Paolo Sarpi @ Luminaria

COWORKING SPACE @ LUMINARIA – Close to Milan city center. Comfortable and well equipped Coworking Space, with relax area.

Coworking Milano Famagosta

COWORKING SPACE IN MILANO FAMAGOSTA • A functional and perfectly equipped space available, easily reachable (green line – Famagosta stop).

Coworking Torregrotta Messina

COWORKING SPACE IN TORREGROTTA MESSINA • Comfortable and well equipped Coworking space in Torregrotta (ME). Various solutions available for professionals, companies and nomad workers.

Coworking Padova Scrovegni

LARGE COWORKING SPACE IN PADUA • Large Coworking space with individual and shared offices. Easy to reach from the train station or by car (lots of parking available).

Coworking Osnago Lecco @ Stereometrica

LARGE COWORKING SPACE IN OSNAGO (LECCO) • Located in the city center, it is easy to reach both by car and train. It offers offices and workstations as well as large training room and event spaces.

The first italian book about Coworking by Cowo® founder Massimo Carraro: 14 years of experience…and 100 Cowo®!

“Ho fatto un Coworking, anzi 100, Se la relazione viene prima del business – Storia di Cowo®” by Massimo Carraro. Available brossura (248 pages, € 20,00) or Ebook (€ 9,99) – 80 reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Amazon!

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